Spent the Day with Family

I work hard and never complain. The work I do in the toxicology lab is important and impacts people’s lives. But I do need time off to get my bearings and refocus. Some people have hobbies and go boating, camping in the mountains, or take a trip to places unknown. For me, I am happy to stay near home and enjoy the company of my family: particularly my sister and her kids. My niece and nephew are adorable and it is a rare day off when I can see them for many hours.

The most fun day off in years took place at their home in the suburbs. They have a huge backyard filled with all kinds of recreational facilities. They have an above-ground pool, trampoline, full outdoor kitchen with barbecue grill, and a plastic jungle gym. It looks like a preschool recess area. I was set on playing with the kids and not as a dutiful aunt. I was really into their world that day. We enjoyed a fun picnic on the patio, took a swim, and ended the time together on the trampoline, competing for “prizes.” The children had come up with all kinds of silly awards for outstanding performance based on ideas from https://www.trampolinechoice.com including silly string, face paint, card games, and the like.

When it came to my turn on the trampoline, I was a complete novice. I could only bounce up and down like a fool. I had no clue about flips and somersaults, and could not even execute a simple half twist. The kids won all the prizes of course and I went home with nothing but memories of a terrific outing. Meanwhile, I was so surprised at how sore I was after an hour session. I was aching a bit that night in my back and my legs were like jelly. How do these kids survive? They are tough little buggers.

I found the trampoline to be an ideal way to bond with your family and spend quality time. It is also terrific for burning off tension and excess energy (for me the former and for my nephew and niece the latter). No wonder it is touted as more than mere amusement, and a new form of exercise. Forget the formidable equipment at the gym where you have to know how to adjust the tension and weight. You can put on some soft shoes and begin immediately to clear the cobwebs from your Mind. It is thus a physical and mental kind of therapy that does the body a world of good.

I went back to the lab feeling fresh and new. I expect that I will be inviting myself over to my sister’s house very soon. I love the wild and free feeling that jumping brings. You feel buoyant and alive. It is the best way I know how at this moment to regroup and get a new start in life. Imagine getting to do it every day!