My Job is Not Like a Crime TV Show

While I was able to pursue my passion of becoming a toxicologist, my job Is not like a crime TV show. In fact, it’s a career that requires that one cultivates various values before anything to achieve the best results. Some of the main ones including discipline, hard work, dedication and an affinity for learning new things. It is important to note that most Crime TV shows are often ore concerned with ratings, and this plays a major role in the content which they air. While my career might be filled with exciting procedures and tasks, it is not of the same nature as what is often portrayed in the convention Crime TV shows.

Toxicology Careers

Similar to most medical careers, there is no shortcut or `magic pill` that will make you an expert in your field. The only way to achieve success and fulfil all your goals is when you can make informed decisions each time. This means that you have to develop a work ethic and also an affinity for acquiring knowledge. Failure to embrace the appropriate values, when it comes to any career especially toxicology, ma make you ineffective at producing results. This can compromise the heights, which you can reach in your career.

The conventional toxicology-schooling program often comprises of various topics that not only hard work to understand them, but that one should also develop a passion for the same as well. In this way, the learning and providing people with valuable results Is not but a task for you, but an experience that you enjoy. It is only through this approach that you can be able to soar to unstoppable heights in your career and make a positive impression on your employers and clients as well.


One of the sure-fire techniques that one could use to become a success in almost any area of life is that you have to develop the appropriate values. This is because it is values that determine our behaviors and perspectives of the world, which in turn play an important role in our careers as well. More so, we are also inclined to follow our passion in life, rather than just following careers for monetary and various other tangible benefits. In fact, the pursuit of such items in a career can compromise your effectiveness. More so, there is also a strong correlation that exists in between those who work hard in their careers and their levels of success as well. This is especially true for a career such as toxicology, whereby one has to gain an in-depth understanding of all the relevant concepts to attain qualifications. This should come as no surprise since toxicologists play a major role in medication, which is key for survival and overall well being as well.