Is Your Water Safe?

In my work, I see the results of toxic substances and often the picture is grim. I know that even water can be unhealthy. If you think you are safe, you may not be. Your tap water in itself can contain pollutants and chemicals such as iron and manganese—and more. Water can carry disease despite the fact that it is the fluid of life. It could be those rusty old pipes that won’t go away. They will keep pumping out bad water. Don’t even think about drinking or bathing in it! Everyone should heed my words of warning and test their water. You can buy a kit in a hardware store or on line or choose to hire a handyman or plumber. It isn’t difficult so with some instruction, you can save the money.

I hope I have already convinced you to take note of potentially harmful elements in your midst, such as lead in your water. Why not safeguard your health with a simple test kit. You can send a vial of your water to a lab to see if there is leakage from your pipes. I prefer to let the professionals get the results rather than you doing the evaluation yourself with some coated test strips. You want to be sure.

If the results indicate severe problems, you may need new pipes. I hope that is not the case. If you are lucky, it may be some minor pollutants and a whole house water filter system from Home Water Health can take care of it. It is certainly more economical, and believe me, they work. I prefer to tackle all the faucets in the house rather than installing a simple unit that hooks onto the kitchen faucet. You can then drink from the tap to rinse your mouth while brushing your teeth in the bathroom. For a couple hundred dollars, a technician will come to your home and install the system of your choice. It depends on how many gallons of water you want filtered per day: fifty, seventy five? The smaller the family, the smaller the model needed. These, by the way, are low maintenance and efficient. You don’t have to add anything to a reverse osmosis system. If you chose one that requires a water softener, your service man will come to do it. You are free from responsibility.

I hope you are sold on some type of water filtering and/or softening system and now you can get specific recommendations by reading the descriptions and product reviews. People tell the truth about what they like and dislike. The Internet is your guide. Otherwise, check the Yellow Pages for the provider nearest you. Ask for client testimonials and you can’t go wrong. Pure, clean water is at hand. You don’t want to see what I see in my lab. Many people have gotten sick from lead poisoning in old homes. Be sure to check your water today.