After Work Socializing Went Well

After a huge job at work—one of those it-has-to-be-done now orders. I hate when something comes in on an emergency basis because it means long days and maybe an even longer night. It might have to do with a blood sample for a crime and thus the lab goes into full gear. We all go home totally exhausted after the final report has been submitted and we get the “all clear” signal. Most of the time, work is routine, and these emergencies are exciting, but only when we get all the details. We want to know what the police is doing for the case. I specialize in toxicology, so it has to do with poisoning, but there may still be a DNA test to run. If so, I pitch in and work on other requests while the experts are busy on the job. Don’t get me wrong; I love my job and find it eminently rewarding.

We all face an excess of work now and then, so it is not really appropriate to complain. I am sure you have your issues. But I feel like venting today and telling you how I found a new way to relax. Normally I go home and sit for an hour in a hot tub to turn off my mind. I also like to listen to soft music. What is your method? This time, I sought company which is not my usual modus operandi. I often want quiet with no one around. I felt like talking things over with a friend and sharing some recent new and I wasn’t going to let eyestrain or fatigue get in the way. I decided to join a small social event at my friend’s house taking place in her lovely back yard after chatting to her on Facebook. What could relax a soul more than a peaceful garden and some piped in instrumental music? She happens to have a large patio with the most comfortable upholstered chairs. I found my spot the moment I arrived under the best outdoor ceiling fan I’ve ever seen that circulated cool air over all the guests.

A ceiling fan inside or out is a genius idea. Watching it is absolutely hypnotic. Plus, the one my friend installed is beautifully done in a rich walnut color. I prefer stained wood any day to the new industrial metal blades people are buying. I could go on and on. A fan is much more than a utilitarian appliance on warm nights. It is a nice décor item in any space. I can easily envision one in my den. It has a casual atmosphere and the large sliding glass doors let in a lot of sunlight, heating up the room without affecting the rest of the house. I don’t want to turn on the AC, so a fan would be the perfect solution to several problems. I expect to find one online and have it delivered in just a few days.